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There was a time when women were asked not to go out of the house alone. They should be accompanied by a family member. Hence, they used to be confined to their houses and the surroundings. Time has ...

Malformed in the womb

Keep your home safe for your baby

Bold and beautiful

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Eyes need protection from weather changes

Since eyes are very delicate and are in constant contact with the changing environment, they need protection especially during summer and winter. Take precautions to avoid damage to eyes due to hot ...

Trapped in the net

Blood test for many cancer types

Condoms effective, reliable

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Yoga & Meditation

Yoga for longevity

Yoga for longevity is getting increasingly popular. This is a basic way out to leading quality life. Women who have adopted it are being able to feel a change in their lives. Try and experience the ...


Look beautiful with Shahnaz Husain

World renowned beauty and cosmetology expert Shahnaz Husain answers queries on beauty and skincare. Apart from being an authority on beauty and skincare and a well respected columnist for many reputed ...

Woman + Art

Enchanting performer

The life of renowned Mohiniyattam artiste KalamandalamKshemavathy is full of struggles and achievements. She underwent rigorous training to become a dance performer and the result was overwhelming, ...